Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Lord has come!!!

Here I am, in this place; where darkness hides its hideous face.
Satan has tempted me in this cell; aye, yet he would have led me down to Hell.
But look! Behold! A light shines in this grim room, it shines as the sun-
it will save me from doom.
But there! Look!...The Heavens open wide! I see Him, and I want to hide.

He charges upon a white horse down,
The King of Kings And the Lord of Lords!
He wears the mighty crown!
All of mine enemies flee before Him, yet His chosen, He adores them.
I fell to the ground, mine eyes flowing with tears, and with His strong hand, he raised mine weary head; His words were soft yet firm, He said that I might learn: "Why dost thou weep, Mine faithful and beloved sheep?"
I dare not raise mine head in His Place as I spoke, humbled by His grace.
"I do not deserve to be in Thine Holy Presence, oh my Lord, my God!"
He took my hand, raising me up, looking into mine eyes and saying,
"My good servant, I have chosen thee from the beginning, and thou needest not Fear. I shalt keep you safe here...thou art Mine...Welcome to mine Holy City."

The End

How can we glorify the Holy God?
Here is is the Bible! Read it. This is the Book that we need to look at. Every one of us!!!

Thanks for reading this post.:)
I was able to write this with the help of my sister.
Have a great weekend!

-Knight of the Cross


~Miss Rose~ said...

*clap clap clap*
Very good, if I say so myself. :D
Great post, bro!

In Christ,
~Miss Rose i.e. your sister:)

Calico Zak said...

Very Nice did you do that?

-Calico Zak

PS Very Nice Blog and thank you for the comment