Friday, January 28, 2011

I'd hate to be in that tank

This is an anti-tank missile...utter destruction!
Your friend,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life ain't complete without a dog.

The dog is a wonderful creature that God has made. The dog is truly "Mans best friend." And to me, no family is complete without one.:)
I plan (Lord willing) to have two Plott Hounds, male and female. Have some puppies...keep one, and have one Jack Russell Terrier for inside the house. I know, I'm rambling... I reckon I'll quit.:)

But like I said, Life ain't complete without a dog.
Your friend,
Nathaniel W.T

P.S If anybody is out there, comment and
Tell me what you think of dogs.



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reading through Psalms

Lately I have been reading through Psalms as my morning devotions.
It is an encouragement to me to try better to keep Gods law. Yet it is hard when our flesh wants to do the opposite. But yet we must ask for the Holy Spirit for help to keep the law at our best...just needed to say that.:)

Your friend,
Nathaniel W.T

P.S. I told you the post would not be long.:)     

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sorry about that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please forgive me for not posting in ages. I have not been faithful to post about important things, seeing how everybody has been, and most importantly...not putting the impression of a true Christan. I do ask for your forgiveness. But that is about to change...I will post often about the important stuff, and about Jesus! Now I know that the blogger girls post fifty things a day and I only post one thing a month give me a break, I'm a boy and I don't have much to hard feelings girls.:) Just kidding. But I will post often. I promise! However, my posts shall be short. I am a man of few words on blogger. But start talking about Christ and the yankees and the Confederates and I'll let you have it!:) But I'm looking forward to talking about the Christan things. And I will post about other things as other words,

My Normal Christan Life!
God Bless,
Nathaniel W.T