Friday, May 29, 2009

Lego Star Wars pictures.

The first thing that I want to say is these pictures and Lego figures are not mine...unfortunately.:P These are somebody's Lego Star Wars figures that I do not know. At the bottom are some of mine...but are not as cool.:) When I saw them...I was REALLY tempted to break the Tenth Commandment.:) But now there is no problem.

So here are some.

Enjoy and God bless you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Deepest Apologies

Dear Anonymous,
A few days back you left a comment concerning the content and focus of some of the pictures/music etc. on my blog. I replied sharply to you
concerning your comment and I repent before you and God for that. I shall prayerfully consider what you have said, and I thank you greatly for your concern.

God bless you and be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Vacation!

Well I have had a GREAT time! The Home School Conference was great! The hotel had an awesome swimming pool, we went lots of times to the pool. What is amazing is that nobody was there.:) We had a great always.
The HSC lasted three days. There were great speakers, and heart to heart speeches.

After that we went to Scott Brown's Farm for the Memorial Day picnic. We arrived in Wake Forest on Saturday, and stayed there 'till Monday. We went to Mr Brown's church and he gave a great sermon. Then Monday was awesome! As I was walking to and fro, there was a boy there named Steve. He and some of his friends were selling soft drinks. Then I thought, "why don't I ask him if I can work for him today?" So I came over and asked him if I could help, and he said yes.:D For some reason that made my day gre
at. I enjoy just handing out drinks, taking in the bucks,and putting it into the box. And I hope that next year I can work for him again. Thanks a lot Steve!:) But in the middle of the day rain started to pour down. my friends and I ran under the table...and still got really wet. But other than that the Memorial Day picnic was a God honoring day. Mr Phillips and some of his family were there, along with some World War II veterans, and a police officer from Raleigh was also there with his police dog; a German Shepard. He showed us specialties of the police dogs. Oh, and to the right are Steve and his little brother, and one of his friends. And also I got to see some of my other friends, Silas, the tall one, and his brother John Luke. And I also had my picture taken with Joshua Phillips.

All in all I had a great time!!! :D

Well I must be going.
And it's good to be back to the blogger world.:)

God be with you
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Vacation!

Tomorrow I and my family will be going on vacation.:D We will not be back till
next week, on Monday evening. The place were we are going is Winston-Salem at the Home School Conference,I am really looking forward to it! And I am thankful that the Lord has let my family to go to the HSC (
Home School Conference.) It is all ways fun to go, and all of us have a great time.:) So I will not be able to post comment's until next week...unless my dad let's me get on his computer.:)

Well, I got a few pictures of Clone Troopers. So in enjoy and take care!:)
God be with you.

Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Friday, May 15, 2009

When I look back on those days....

Well I feel a lot better now, and have had plenty of sleep:) The Lord has blessed me and my family through the years. My family and I have lived in North Carolina for nine years now, and it's great here in the mountains! Beautiful, too. :D Well I think I will let you peek into my childhood...this should be interesting.:) When I was little, maybe four years-old, I would tell my family that when I was in Mom's tummy, I would go shopping, go "into my room" and sleep, play, drive around in my "car" and so on and so forth when I was yet UNBORN!!!! (silly, eh?:) I remember how I used to say that all the war movies I saw were real...until my dad said "no, son, they're not"...I got SO MAD!:P But, life went on; I grew up, inch by inch, and foot by foot. I was a guy who loved World War II: endless hours at "Japan" and "Normandy"...places all over the world. I had a lot of fun.:D And once again life went on. I loved to play Playmobil, (that is a toy) GI Joe, World War II, and so on and so forth. But then...then I met the computer!:) I loved to play the game Army Men Sarge's Heros, and other games. But also God meant more to me. But that life was fun. And now I turn around and in my teen's, life some times can just fly so fast! First your one year-old...then you're in your teen's. But the Lord has brought me through so much, and I thank Him for that.:)

So that is a peek in my childhood.
And once again I thank the Lord God, for wha
t he has done for me.
Have a great weekend! And get plenty of sleep.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

P.S. Here are some pictures that I took OF pictures...:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Random Post.:)

Well I am very...very...very sleepy today. I must be getting old.:) I have a good night's sleep, but I wake up so very sleepy.:( Every morning I wake up by a stupid alarm clock, I walk over to it, click off...and right to bed. The picture right here, instead of "Finish the Fight" it should say "Get to Bed on Time!" I am sorry that this post is VERY random.:) Well I need to go. Hopefully to Bed.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just for the music

This video is a Clone Trooper tribute, I really like the music...and I thought that I might post it.:) I am sorry that I did not post anything lately.:( I am sorry.
So enjoy the video!

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC