Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dream two: Finding Hero's

                                                Yes, another Dream....

Hello everybody!
So....we find ourselves talking about the wonderful world of dreams. This one I had the next night!
Okay, so, let us begin.

The dream began with the showing of a demolished house, ransacked, burned, and lots of dead bodies. A voice was narrating of what had happened. When I was little, my family was attacked be some guerrilla mercenariness. In the middle of the fight, two men, (from the Home alone movie :D) fought off the  mercenariness and saved me, and I was the only survivor. 

The hero's....are you kidding?

So, when I became older, I wanted to find these men (word "men" used very lightly. :P) and thank them for saving me. I packed my bags and went on a journey to find them. I walked a long way to Virgina where I heard that's where they would be.
I found myself walking in a huge wood factory place. I walked a long time till I came to the town. I found our that it was Sunday so I needed to get to a church.
I ran into one of my friends (that I did not know in my dream) who told me about the church he went too. So skipping around in the dream I quickly got dressed in my nice suit, with my Bible in hand and walked to church. As I was walking I saw another person maybe 20 yards away...and it was a girl. (get the trend? :P)
She was blond, with slightly curled hair, wearing a dark red dress...quite nice looking. :) I got into the church and sat down, observing the crowd...and the girl. :P Now, I can't really remember what happened here, but something bad happened and I got offended by the preacher. I think he was blasting me for looking for those guys. But anyway, I stomped out of there and looked in front of me and low, there was the girl walking away from the church too. I yelled out to her to come to me. Amazingly, she came. We began to talk about what had happened. It was the same case, she was cool too. :) After maybe talking for about 20 minutes, I said, "I really enjoyed talking to you, I would like to stay in touch with you if you don't mind, can you give me your number and I will give you mine?" (It happened again!) Annnnd, she said, "Sure! I enjoyed talking to you too!" She wrote the number down and gave it to me, I was about to read it and I woke up again! Why does this happen!

So, what do you think, again? Two more to go! Lots more of adventure!
Good bye friends!

God bless!


Friday, November 9, 2012

I had a dream......dreams


Good to see your lovely face's. Apart from talking about my story, I thought I'd tell you something that is quite interesting. Dreams.
Yes, dreams. All together I have had about four which is are very interesting. So, I will tell you.

Dream 1: Arrested.
So, it began in our little town of Sparta. Dad and I were driving back home late one night...very late. Dad wanted to get home quickly so began to speed through town. I kept telling dad to stop or he will get us a ticket, but to naught.
Sure enough, blue lights began flashing everywhere. Police FBI, SWAT, came from all directions. I was so mad with dad, police, everyone! I was not the best criminal. :) So we were taken to the jail, I was bad mouthing the officers. (hey, I can't control what I say in my dreams.) I sat in a chair in the main lobby. Sitting and thinking about what a jerk dad was. :P After a couple of minutes, two girls came in. One was quite attractive, brown hair, brown eyes, and cute black glasses.(sorry I am ranting.) The one that I just mentioned sat down beside me. (Now first, I am not a very out going fellow, meaning I am not just going to talk to someone that I do not know.) She kept on looking at me with an expression of  some concern. after a minute she leaned over and tapped my arm and said, "Excuse me, are you okay there?" Still very mad I said, "No, I'm not." And went on about what happened. The thing that struck me was that though I was not polite at all, she still listened to me, and she cared about what happened and wanted to help, something that was good to see and feel. But yeah. :) So after I told her all of what happened, out of the blue I said, " You know what, I thank you for listening to me, I think your a awesome girl. Can I have you phone number?" And she said, "Sure you can." with a cute smile. "Awesome!" I thought! She wrote it down and I was just moments away from reading the number when I woke up!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, what do think? Cool huh? I will post the rest this coming week....something to look forward too. ;)
And remember, three more to go.

God bless!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The dead man is back!

Well, long time no see!
Welcome ladies and gentlemen back to life as I post to you a post about a story I plan to right and finish called "Golden Light." But first, about me.

Well, nothing to interesting. School, work, miniwargaming, life with Christ, and that's it! Though I have to say that God has been very gracious to me in advancing me in my walk with Him.

Now! The story. I have been working on this for about two years. Coming up with concepts, ideas, characters, and factions. By January 2013 I plan to begin to write one part of the epic (in my opinion) Galactica universe, a heroine in the 2nd Great War, Golden Light. Now I will give you a quick synopsis of the main factions:

1. Imperials.
Since the Great War that split the Human race in half because of the different ideals and principles, the Imperials believe that they have been called by Fate to Unite the Galaxy under their Emperor Darkhand. As their name speaks, they believe in totalitarianism, and believe that they are the Superior of all races, and thus, are on a mission of genocide. And with a army of an estimated 100,000 men at their disposal, they seem very capable of it...beginning with the Confederation.

2. Confederation.
As can be expected the Confederation in the total opposite of the Imperials.
The Confederates fight for freedom, liberty, and peace. Though led by great generals and Knights, the Confederation is quite weaker than the Imperials. But they have a resolve so much the greater, that Imperials have a famous saying, "it's our four to their one." Though darkness is becoming greater and greater, they wait for the promised light, shining as the sun, The Golden Light.

3. The Eldrad.
A very strange and mystical race, the Eldrad greatly resemble elves. They believe that wisdom and magic will lead the universe into a greater light, and thus this makes them a very powerful physic force. Though not very active in the 2nd Great War, they have some times come on the field and fight the Imperials. Yet with a mission so secret, that if anyone else such as the Confederates, they will destroy. The reason for this is not clearly known, perhaps there is something more to the picture than meets the eye.

4. Gorgons
Gorgons are a alien race that believe the only way to total perfection is through the machine, and hence at a young age, have their body's replaced with mechanical parts making them a cyborg species. They are huge, blood thirsty warriors that seek the thrill of battle and destruction of those the believe in something contrary to their beliefs.

So, I would tell you more but I have to get off. Next post I will give the characters and story plot...some of it. ;)

I have here a fan made trailer I put together for my story. It is by NO means the exact image of the universe, the images are a representation of the sci-fi world.
So enjoy!

Thanks for looking and God bless!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Stop-motion films!

Greetings Ladies and gentlemen.

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted. :)
Anyway, Things have been very busy. Tons of stuff going on.
But, I have gotten into the Stop-motion business. So far, I have created 5. (In the time span of about 3 months. Its fun and there is so much you can do. This was my very first one. I wasn't worried about the background sine I really did it for a test.
There is a lot more I will post very soon. Right now I am working on a film that will be a movie for one of my friends. If any of y'all have films that 'y'all want, I can probably do it. I enjoy it as a hobby and a challenge.:)

So anyway, Enjoy!

Nathaniel Wallis-