Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nope, No Turkeys:(

Well I did not get a Turkey.:( Me and my dad walked and waited, and walked and waited, and walked and waited! And no Turkey. But then just about when we left...behold...Turkeys!! So then we went back to the woods. then we waited for them a little while. But they never came:(
But I am grateful that the Lord kept me and my dad safe. But other than that it was fun!:)

Have a great weekend!
God be with you.
-Knight of the cross


Rebecca said...

Thats too bad, maybe next time you can get'em. :)

Rebecca Marie

Calico Zak said...

Sounds Some what like a hunting experience a friend of mine had.

~Calico Zak

~Miss Rose~ said...

Too bad you didn't get any, bro. Sorry to hear that! :(
...stupid turkeys...

In Christ,
~Your sis:)

Sarah said...

oh, I am sorry! Can you get on my blog ok?


Fighters for the cross said...

Your right, Hopefully next time I might get one.:)

*Dumb Turkeys*:)

Cailco Zak-
The Turkeys must have got the news paper that Turkey season was here.:P

Miss Rose-
"...stupid turkeys..." That is

I am sorry...I did look at your blog, But I did not comment at that moment...but I will.:)
Will you please forgive me?

God be with you.
Fighter for the Cross