Friday, July 10, 2009

Just some...stuff

Well I hope that all of you are having a good weekend.
Just this past week my family and I went to the Family Bible Conference.It was great...especially the Nerf battle.:) It was awesome! I wish that I took my camera into battle.If you have never heard or seeing a Nerf will love it!:D

Just this past Thursday I was doing a Nerf sniper mission at my house. My outfit was so cool, if you were in the woods you could not see me for my uniform...which I am not going to tell.:) Oh, like I said if you have not heard or seeing a Nerf battle, at the bottom of the post is some Nerf videos and pictures that I put up, I think that you will like them.:) at the right, here is a Nerf gun modified that I wish that I could have.:

Well I must be going.
God bless!
Nathaniel Wallis


Autumn said...

Nice post, Nate. The Nerf battle was fun, but tiring...I slept super late the next day!
Still hoping we can get together and film a Nerf thing sometime.
And hoping we can all have another big battle soon!




Anonymous said...

Cool videos Nate!!!

Calico Zak said...

I tagged you if you want

Jare and Lib said...

Ah those are so cool.
I now am wishing for a Nurf gun.


A Confederate said...


The Reluctant Dragon said...

I like your profile info! Have you read "Spirtual Warfare" by Ray C. Steadman? It is great for addressing the topic. We are reading it for family devotions.

B. D. Eastman said...

You can win a free book at
Check it out!

Nathaniel Wallis said...

Oh yeah, that battle was VERY tiring...but super fun!
A Nerf film would be awesome! And I already thought of the perfect battle, but you probably already heard about it.


Thanks man!

Calico Zak-
Do you mind if I skip this one?

Jare and Lib-
The Nerf guns are totally awesome!

A Confederate-
Thanks dude.

The Reluctant Dragon-
No, I have not heard of that book.I have to check it out.
Thanks for the comment.

B. D. Eastman-
I'll have to check that one too.
Thanks for the link!

God Bless!
Nathaniel Wallis

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of Civil air patrol? here's a link...


Anonymous said...

Oh boy now I too wish i had a nurf gun! :) Oh this is Marraih I finally got a a cooking blog that you wouldnt be interested in so.. ;D