Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out of town

This week I will be out of town till September 1st.I and my Dad I going to the Father Son Retreat in Colorado.It is always fun to go to Colorado. If I could take a vacation,
some where in the United States...it would be
Colorado. Well, I know that this is a short post, but I need to get some work done. So I thought I might let y'all know that I would be out of town. Oh and one more thing, leave a comment and tell me if my music is playing.On my computer it is not playing.So please tell me if it is playing.

God bless!
Nathaniel Wallis-


Anonymous said...


Yes the music is working on my computer. =D

Calico Zak said...

Yes the very loud music is playing.
and yes have fun. I wish I could go, I've heard stories of how fun it is.

~Calico Zak

KASEY N. MINTZ said...

enjoy it