Thursday, August 25, 2011

The update

I believe that I should give you an update of what has been going on.
Well in April me and dad got Honey bees from a fellow in Surrey county!
And we got a super of Sour wood honey! Very tasty! :) But through the weeks it's just been the normal work around the house. Also  just for your information me and my friends are starting the RP again, and have fixed up everything a hole lot better. A bigger story line...and more action. Oh, and the family has new dog, Dillon. A half breed of a great Pyrenees. He is very sweet, and will follow every where. And some times it can get very annoying.:) I have been mostly every day t the name been bike riding. The bike brand is Jamis (I think I got the name right.)
It's been a nice work out. I usually ride to the gas station down the road and stop to get a drink. *snicker*      
The Lord has been very good to us. And I am trying to strengthen my relationship with Him. I believe If you just get up in the mornings and the the book of God, pray and follow it your day will be fine. I have  been trying to live to that principle...but...oversleeping has been raging a terrible war.:) But anyway we just can't give up can we?
Well, I am sure that the girls would want more detail but since I am a guy
I usually don't give big details.:) This is just an over view.
Hopefully I will be sending more posts to y'all.

Well, see you later!

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