Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Random Post.:)

Well I am very...very...very sleepy today. I must be getting old.:) I have a good night's sleep, but I wake up so very sleepy.:( Every morning I wake up by a stupid alarm clock, I walk over to it, click off...and right to bed. The picture right here, instead of "Finish the Fight" it should say "Get to Bed on Time!" I am sorry that this post is VERY random.:) Well I need to go. Hopefully to Bed.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC


Anonymous said...


Signing off,
Lady Earwen/Agent Stormshadow

David said...

dude, welcome to the real world.

LOL, I'm 17, and I never get enough sleep.

as it becomes a habit of not getting enough sleep,
it doesn't effect you as much.

as long as you don't drink coffee, you'll be fine.

coffee is a BIG mistake. :trust me:

Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...

Yeah, you are most right! But now I feel better...better than yesterday.:)

Amen to that Brother!!!:)
yep...before I can take a another
breath...I am 17.:(
"as long as you don't drink coffee, you'll be fine."
Before,I drank coffee ALLOT,
But now I don't even drink it.

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Autumn said...

Hmmm... It must be the fact you're thirteen now. Once you become a teenager, you always seem to need more sleep. Except for Cyll. He's up later than late all the time, and still seems to jump around full of energy. He tells us he's tired...but honestly you couldn't tell. :P

Hope your feeling better.


Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...

That's what must be the problem.:)
Some times I stay up a little while, but not to long. But yes, Cyll stays up all night.:) And full of energy...and some times I am the same way. But always when I am sleepy I never take a nap...I hate naps!!!:P

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Calico Zak said...

I agree with Autumn Rule #1 of being a teenager; Neglect not(twice for emphasis) NOT bed times!
Although I have no room to talk ;)

In Christ

Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...

yep...That is the problem.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

P.S. Have you been to the Father Son retreat? Every time I see that avatar it seems like I have seen you.:)

Calico Zak said...

No I haven't some of my friends have though.
I have been to the SAICFF twice and I was present at the terror to triumph sesions.