Friday, May 15, 2009

When I look back on those days....

Well I feel a lot better now, and have had plenty of sleep:) The Lord has blessed me and my family through the years. My family and I have lived in North Carolina for nine years now, and it's great here in the mountains! Beautiful, too. :D Well I think I will let you peek into my childhood...this should be interesting.:) When I was little, maybe four years-old, I would tell my family that when I was in Mom's tummy, I would go shopping, go "into my room" and sleep, play, drive around in my "car" and so on and so forth when I was yet UNBORN!!!! (silly, eh?:) I remember how I used to say that all the war movies I saw were real...until my dad said "no, son, they're not"...I got SO MAD!:P But, life went on; I grew up, inch by inch, and foot by foot. I was a guy who loved World War II: endless hours at "Japan" and "Normandy"...places all over the world. I had a lot of fun.:D And once again life went on. I loved to play Playmobil, (that is a toy) GI Joe, World War II, and so on and so forth. But then...then I met the computer!:) I loved to play the game Army Men Sarge's Heros, and other games. But also God meant more to me. But that life was fun. And now I turn around and in my teen's, life some times can just fly so fast! First your one year-old...then you're in your teen's. But the Lord has brought me through so much, and I thank Him for that.:)

So that is a peek in my childhood.
And once again I thank the Lord God, for wha
t he has done for me.
Have a great weekend! And get plenty of sleep.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

P.S. Here are some pictures that I took OF pictures...:)


Anonymous said...

Hannah did the same thing! =D
When I worked at the nursery at church there was a little girl there who looked EXACTLY like I had when I was 2... it was wierd!!
(Naturally she was adorable :)

Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...

That picture of Rose was very funny!lol *rolls on floor*
Some people some times can look the same way like we did when we were little.:)

God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

Commander Blade said...

The top pic is a good one,
and the one with you as a pirate...LOL is great!:)

-Commander Blade

Anonymous said...

I tagged you! =D
Yeah, I agree!
Rose looks all chubby! :)
I guess all babies are chubby, though, haha.

Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...

Oh...that's Great.:)

God be with you
Nathaniel Wallis PFC

~Miss Rose~ said...

I WHAT?! HEY! THAT WAS AN INSULT! You know, I read my brother's blog too! *is absolutely furious*


In Christ,
~Miss Rose

Nathaniel Wallis PFC said...


God be with you.
Nathaniel Wallis PFC