Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dream two: Finding Hero's

                                                Yes, another Dream....

Hello everybody!
So....we find ourselves talking about the wonderful world of dreams. This one I had the next night!
Okay, so, let us begin.

The dream began with the showing of a demolished house, ransacked, burned, and lots of dead bodies. A voice was narrating of what had happened. When I was little, my family was attacked be some guerrilla mercenariness. In the middle of the fight, two men, (from the Home alone movie :D) fought off the  mercenariness and saved me, and I was the only survivor. 

The hero's....are you kidding?

So, when I became older, I wanted to find these men (word "men" used very lightly. :P) and thank them for saving me. I packed my bags and went on a journey to find them. I walked a long way to Virgina where I heard that's where they would be.
I found myself walking in a huge wood factory place. I walked a long time till I came to the town. I found our that it was Sunday so I needed to get to a church.
I ran into one of my friends (that I did not know in my dream) who told me about the church he went too. So skipping around in the dream I quickly got dressed in my nice suit, with my Bible in hand and walked to church. As I was walking I saw another person maybe 20 yards away...and it was a girl. (get the trend? :P)
She was blond, with slightly curled hair, wearing a dark red dress...quite nice looking. :) I got into the church and sat down, observing the crowd...and the girl. :P Now, I can't really remember what happened here, but something bad happened and I got offended by the preacher. I think he was blasting me for looking for those guys. But anyway, I stomped out of there and looked in front of me and low, there was the girl walking away from the church too. I yelled out to her to come to me. Amazingly, she came. We began to talk about what had happened. It was the same case, she was cool too. :) After maybe talking for about 20 minutes, I said, "I really enjoyed talking to you, I would like to stay in touch with you if you don't mind, can you give me your number and I will give you mine?" (It happened again!) Annnnd, she said, "Sure! I enjoyed talking to you too!" She wrote the number down and gave it to me, I was about to read it and I woke up again! Why does this happen!

So, what do you think, again? Two more to go! Lots more of adventure!
Good bye friends!

God bless!


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Lucas said...

Ive only had 2 in my live. others dreams are so interesting to read