Friday, November 9, 2012

I had a dream......dreams


Good to see your lovely face's. Apart from talking about my story, I thought I'd tell you something that is quite interesting. Dreams.
Yes, dreams. All together I have had about four which is are very interesting. So, I will tell you.

Dream 1: Arrested.
So, it began in our little town of Sparta. Dad and I were driving back home late one night...very late. Dad wanted to get home quickly so began to speed through town. I kept telling dad to stop or he will get us a ticket, but to naught.
Sure enough, blue lights began flashing everywhere. Police FBI, SWAT, came from all directions. I was so mad with dad, police, everyone! I was not the best criminal. :) So we were taken to the jail, I was bad mouthing the officers. (hey, I can't control what I say in my dreams.) I sat in a chair in the main lobby. Sitting and thinking about what a jerk dad was. :P After a couple of minutes, two girls came in. One was quite attractive, brown hair, brown eyes, and cute black glasses.(sorry I am ranting.) The one that I just mentioned sat down beside me. (Now first, I am not a very out going fellow, meaning I am not just going to talk to someone that I do not know.) She kept on looking at me with an expression of  some concern. after a minute she leaned over and tapped my arm and said, "Excuse me, are you okay there?" Still very mad I said, "No, I'm not." And went on about what happened. The thing that struck me was that though I was not polite at all, she still listened to me, and she cared about what happened and wanted to help, something that was good to see and feel. But yeah. :) So after I told her all of what happened, out of the blue I said, " You know what, I thank you for listening to me, I think your a awesome girl. Can I have you phone number?" And she said, "Sure you can." with a cute smile. "Awesome!" I thought! She wrote it down and I was just moments away from reading the number when I woke up!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, what do think? Cool huh? I will post the rest this coming week....something to look forward too. ;)
And remember, three more to go.

God bless!

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