Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The dead man is back!

Well, long time no see!
Welcome ladies and gentlemen back to life as I post to you a post about a story I plan to right and finish called "Golden Light." But first, about me.

Well, nothing to interesting. School, work, miniwargaming, life with Christ, and that's it! Though I have to say that God has been very gracious to me in advancing me in my walk with Him.

Now! The story. I have been working on this for about two years. Coming up with concepts, ideas, characters, and factions. By January 2013 I plan to begin to write one part of the epic (in my opinion) Galactica universe, a heroine in the 2nd Great War, Golden Light. Now I will give you a quick synopsis of the main factions:

1. Imperials.
Since the Great War that split the Human race in half because of the different ideals and principles, the Imperials believe that they have been called by Fate to Unite the Galaxy under their Emperor Darkhand. As their name speaks, they believe in totalitarianism, and believe that they are the Superior of all races, and thus, are on a mission of genocide. And with a army of an estimated 100,000 men at their disposal, they seem very capable of it...beginning with the Confederation.

2. Confederation.
As can be expected the Confederation in the total opposite of the Imperials.
The Confederates fight for freedom, liberty, and peace. Though led by great generals and Knights, the Confederation is quite weaker than the Imperials. But they have a resolve so much the greater, that Imperials have a famous saying, "it's our four to their one." Though darkness is becoming greater and greater, they wait for the promised light, shining as the sun, The Golden Light.

3. The Eldrad.
A very strange and mystical race, the Eldrad greatly resemble elves. They believe that wisdom and magic will lead the universe into a greater light, and thus this makes them a very powerful physic force. Though not very active in the 2nd Great War, they have some times come on the field and fight the Imperials. Yet with a mission so secret, that if anyone else such as the Confederates, they will destroy. The reason for this is not clearly known, perhaps there is something more to the picture than meets the eye.

4. Gorgons
Gorgons are a alien race that believe the only way to total perfection is through the machine, and hence at a young age, have their body's replaced with mechanical parts making them a cyborg species. They are huge, blood thirsty warriors that seek the thrill of battle and destruction of those the believe in something contrary to their beliefs.

So, I would tell you more but I have to get off. Next post I will give the characters and story plot...some of it. ;)

I have here a fan made trailer I put together for my story. It is by NO means the exact image of the universe, the images are a representation of the sci-fi world.
So enjoy!

Thanks for looking and God bless!



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Abigail Pruence said...

nice clips from Mass Effect and other games. Neato idea, just needs a lot of planning, but if you took enough time with it, it could be a great piece of fiction, looking forward to reading it someday. :)